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Please leave feedback on these tracks and mixes. We encourage you to share the tracks and mixes that you enjoy with your friends on your social media accounts. You can also download DJ Encores mixes at this website located in the music tab at the top of this page. Or Click Here

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Above you will see videos from past venues and events. Most of these videos were filmed by Anthony Nieves, Owner of Nieves TV. Watching these videos is a great way to see how certain parties are and to catch a glimpse of DJ Encore doing what he does best. Please feel free to share these videos from nights you may have attended or for upcoming plans at these venues.

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“The Blog Spot” offers the newest, freshest music released along with current events and upcoming shows. Stay ahead of the curve with “The Blog Spot”. Did you make a club banger? Send To Brian@IAmDJEncore.com. If its a crowd rocker we will post it in “The Blog Spot”.